a foreword

So, it’s been another month or two since my last update and I’m not even really sure what I should write about. It has come to my attention that this WordPress blog has turned into some sort of weird diary for me and I’m sort of confused as to what I exactly want from this blog.

I just know for a fact that it’s not necessarily just what kind of shit that goes through my mind. I want this to contain other things too, like the one where I talk about being careful of Pentatonix’s merchandise company and, to an extension, Pentatonix itself.

But in reality, I probably just don’t care about things enough to have a strong opinion about them unless they take something from me that can never be (or that they don’t even try to) replaced.

I also don’t like doing reviews because, well, to be frank, I am not being paid for it. I would only do it if I have something negative to say because I feel like the public, or whoever manages to stumble upon this blog post, needs to know. They have a right to know if something is terrible so that they won’t have to suffer like I did.

In any case, remember that blog post about LiveNation/FanFire? Yeah, don’t use them. They’re scams. They steal your money with overpriced merch and never even delivers it to you. You can tell me it got lost in transit, but what are the chances? I bought many things from overseas companies many times and they got to me just fine.

What are the chances of every single package I buy from LiveNation/FanFire to get lost every single time?

They’re liars, cheaters, and thieves. You all best remember that.

Perhaps I would do an honest review about Pentatonix next because, in all honesty, they’re not doing quite hot themselves. I might have some biased view and you know what? I probably do. I was a former “stan” and I do have emotions that closely resemble rage, and more loyal “stans” would come and call me out for slandering their name, but am I really that far from the truth?

I am just relying my emotions, which I have explicitly stated I will do on this blog as it’s not any form of other writing that I do. This is pure non-fiction, whether it be original content from my slam poetry to my short stories or insights of my hectic life to ramblings I like to do in the dark.

None of these posts contain fictitious elements and I will be as honest as I can.

So, in conclusion, I would probably do some slandering here because if I get controversial, I can get famous.

Any publicity is good publicity, they say.

Let’s try that out, shall we?

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