The Idiocy of Humanity

People are dumb. We know this, but how dumb are people exactly?

Well, to begin with, people don’t seem to get the concept of┬ásatire things. Without shame, they would begin to attack you believing, completely, that your sarcasm is your truthful feelings.

Dumbly, these people would also use hypocrisy on you. Though, if you try to point that out, they’d usually run away either because they’re too scared of confrontation (yet at the same time have the guts to attack you in the first place) or because they realized they made a boo-boo.

Other times, when the other is just plain wrong, they also would not hesitate to call you names. If you use logic and calm to talk to them, in an attempt to reach common ground or at least understand their side of the argument, they freak out and cease response. What’s wrong, little buddy? Are you afraid of someone who’s willing to listen and have a level head?

People on the Internet are so used to the anonymity of comments that they will all rush head first into the conversation, guns blazing, without thinking. Their arguments often lack logic and real substance, instead opting to just call you names and badmouth your work. If you’re brave enough to understand their ‘criticism’ and ask for clarification so you could improve, they’d just leave you on read and never respond.

Why? Because they didn’t know you’d not freak out and instead respond civilly. They would never expect someone who doesn’t actually want to fight them, instead opting for a more civil and friendly approach with the goal of reaching common ground and improving their own self.

This freaks the idiots out because they lack the common sense to really process that people like this exist. So, instead of trying to actually enlighten the person with their point of view, they just ditch the conversation altogether.

This is why the world is full of idiots. No one is willing to or actually wants to improve themselves. They all think their view is the best, that their opinion is fact. A lot of times, it would take a quick Google search or two seconds of thinking about the tone of voice in the video or removing personal bias.

Due to the nature of the Internet, with everything so readily available to people, people often forget that they can just do research and figure things out without blowing things out of proportion.

But of course, people won’t do that and would leave hypocritical comments because they’d rather embarrass themselves than educate themselves.

Also, there are people out there who are just dumb on a whole other scale.

If you want a clean kitchen, just clean the kitchen and don’t leave the dishes undone until the sink is filled to the top. If you want privacy, just close your curtains before you do anything intimate. How hard is it to understand that?

It is a shame that half the population is really out there walking around without a lick of common sense.

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