To My Twitter Friends

Updated April 23rd, 2020.

Dear Twitter friends,

It’s me, @haamyu on Twitter. As you may know, I have recently disappeared off of Twitter. That is because Twitter decided to suspend my account permanently for no reason at all at the morning hours of April 9th, 2020.

Update April 20th, 2020: I have returned to Twitter under the handle @haam_yu. Twitter seemingly will not give my account back even though I have appealed multiple times and they suspended me for “artificially amplifying or disrupting conversations through the use of multiple accounts.” I am hoping either the BBB will get them to back down and give me back my original account.

For now, I will only be using Twitter on its web client and with a VPN, so I won’t be as active before. I will also need to spend some time catching up on the news.

I am still logged into the account and while no new tweets will load on my timeline, I can still look at my notifications of when people mention me. I have noticed that there are a lot of questions being raised of my suspension so I will try and lay everything out here.

My account has been suspended. I did not deactivate. My suspension is unlikely to have anything to do with my having multiple accounts as there is nothing against Twitter Rules or their Terms of Service of owning alts.

I filed an appeal for my suspension almost immediately after my suspension. For the past four days, I have been researching and talked to numerous people who also had their accounts suspended within these two months. As far as I know, for reasons I can only assume is related to the coronavirus outbreak, Twitter has been taking their sweet time in replying to appeals. One user claimed that Twitter replied to them in fifteen minutes, while there are others that have reported Twitter only replied to them a year later. The most common amount of time users have claimed Twitter took is around a month, so I will wait a month before I do anything else.

Twitter’s customer service is also completely automated, so there’s literally no way to get a timely response on my case.

I haven’t made a new account because I don’t want Twitter to have any more reasons to keep me suspended. Making a new account during suspension is against Twitter Rules as that is suspension evasion. Someone had made that mistake and Twitter seemingly denied their appeal due to the fact that they made another account, as they only owned one other account which was hacked at the time of their suspension.

I know I can use a VPN but I don’t want to risk it.

The only thing that I suspect has anything to do with my suspension is these series of tweets that Twitter Safety had tweeted on April 2nd, when my accounts were first locked. I unlocked five accounts that I owned with five different phone numbers. Seven days later, all five were suspended, alongside the spare accounts that I did not bother to unlock.

I doubt it has anything to do with my IP, as my brother’s account is fine. A friend of mine’s account, which I had used for a short period of time before she took sole control again, was also suspended on the same day as me. It shouldn’t have to have anything to do with the phone numbers either, as at least one number I used is already associated with a Twitter account and their account is fine.

That’s all I know for sure. Twitter has responded to two of my appeals but they have denied it both times. I’m going to submit a third and see if the answer will change.

If you want to keep contact with me, my more protest orientated Instagram is @stickersforhk and my Telegram is @haamyu. I also have a Reddit (u/redskiez or u/haamyu), and a Discord (redskiez#1999). These are the easiest ways to keep contact with me, as I know there are people in my DM’s that know no other way of talking to me beyond Twitter.

My sticker business is still open via Instagram.

I’m sorry that this suspension incident has affected you all as well. I know you are all worried about me and I am very touched. I am alive and well, mostly staying indoors and only going outside to Causeway Bay. If you want to help me in any way, you can try and tweet at Twitter and @jack periodically, as I don’t think there’s an actual way to contact a living, breathing person that works for Twitter.

Thank you so much, everyone. I hope to see you again on Twitter as either @haamyu, or under another name that vaguely references Stephen Chow.

Yours truly,
Haamyu the opinionated stickers guy (also known as redskiez on literally every other site on the Internet).

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