Pearl of the East, Lost at Sea

For legal reasons, all of this is a joke.

It’s kind of sad that I have to write off everything as a joke, but what can we do? With the new law passing, there’s nothing else we can really do. Everything is out of our hands.

Our glorious and gracious leader sold us out and lied on live television about the serious consequences about this whole thing. She is, without a doubt, one of the worst leaders we have seen in a while. There is no doubt about her place as a mere sock puppet and I am surprised that no one has tried to throw her off her high horse yet – but then again, I’m not 100% crystal clear on how things work around here.

Over the course of a few months, though, I have learned a lot about how politics work. I went from a clueless teenager to pessimistic adult too quickly for someone my age. I miss back when there’s nothing serious to worry about, especially not for my future and whether or not I’d still have a home in the place I grew up in.

I miss when my home is known for what it achieved, not for what others have done to it. I miss walking around the streets and still feel like I did back when it was 2008.

If you were to tell me that the promise of fifty unchanged years will be cut short not even halfway in, I wouldn’t have thought too much about it. If I have to be honest, the threat was always there. This is a communist country we’re dealing with, you know? There’s always that risk. We can’t expect the country to be nice and quiet and actually listen to what the people want.

Back in mid-2019, I saw a YouTube video that explained a little bit about why the communist country is hounding down on my home. We used to be a big boom in their economy, raking in tons of cash back in the 80’s. When we were given back in 1997, our figures steadily decreased and even the communist country’s own little cities were starting to do better.

All of this makes sense. It makes sense why the communist country would be tired of wanting to keep us around if we aren’t bringing in the dough as much as we did before. But it also begs the question why they would want to hold on to us when it’s clear their presence is the reason why we are no longer producing as much revenue?

Sometimes I wonder if the kids from our generation is going to ever see my home as I saw it. A while ago, my friend snapped a photo of a kid innocently playing in the playground and captioned it, “I hope, in the future, you will grow up in the same [REDACTED] as I did.”

It brought tears to my eyes, knowing that it is possible that kids won’t experience the same freedom and the same uniqueness that comes with [REDACTED]. The perfect blend between Western and Eastern… Truly, the World’s City. The East’s pearl.

Now, it is all lost at sea.

Sinking, drowning.

I miss when I can walk down the streets and not fear being pulled to the side because I am young. I miss when I can walk past police officers without fearing they would beat me up because I am young. I miss when I can just say whatever I want without being prosecuted because that’s a basic human right.

And now I don’t know if I am foolish for thinking we can win the fight we started, or foolish because I still cling on to the hope that one day we will prevail.

I just hope I live to see the day where I am welcomed by the place I call home again.

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