About Me

Hi, my name is redskiez.

Well, it’s not my real name, but you can call me that.

I have been writing since 2012 and recently, I wanted to try and write outside my comfort zone. I rarely like to talk about myself or really express my feelings in a healthy way, so I decided to start an honest-to-god blog to document anything that I find hard to articulate in real life.

Other than some non-fiction recounts and pseudo-researched writings, you will also find some original short fictional stories in this blog. You are very welcome to read any (or all) of them. I urge you to leave a comment if you found it interesting, or if you think that something can be improved.

I hope you also find some inspiration from my writing, or relate to anything that I’m going through. I hope that is enough to get you to start writing, as well. We all have little universes inside of us, ready to be explored and released into the world.

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.

Sean O’Connell, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

So, stay a while and read. Get inspired, get writing.

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