i can’t be friends with you

For once, the lyrics I’m listening to actually match what I’m trying to write. I don’t know if I talked about her before, though I’m at least 67% sure that I have. She’s part of my life and has been multiple turning points.

drinking coffee

Even I’m annoyed by my case of social anxiety. It’s not all my fault, though. Yeah, sure, pushing the blame on someone else sounds like the worst thing to do, but it’s the only logical thing I can think of. I’m not the most courageous person I know. I can […]

keep what you love

It’s nearly a year since I’ve started this blog and I’ve only managed to put five entries in. Kind of tells you how boring my life is, really. I don’t have much to talk about because nothing I say is really note-worthy. That, or I’m just really happy all the […]